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Dear Real Estate Agents,

You're great at negotiating & selling homes.

Let us handle the rest.

We’ll take care of all the unlicensed duties in the transaction:

ordering inspections, title work, survey, & home warranty

primary point of contact for lender & all vendors

document review & filing 

& much more, all to save you precious time!

Our team is ready to serve you!

We offer virtual real estate support services from contract to close, so you can sell more houses, generate more leads, attend conferences, and enjoy life, all while knowing your transactions are on track.

Today’s real estate market is highly competitive and always evolving. As an agent, your true value is in your relationships, your ability to close a deal, and your vision to grow your business. Don’t be bogged down by paperwork, deadlines, and contingencies!

Harmony Transaction Management, LLC has been serving agents since January of 2017 by managing all the non-licensed duties from accepted contract to close. Brokers and agents move out of their files and free themselves up for more time to generate leads, grow their businesses, and enjoy their personal life.

Want to know how it works? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Harmony Transaction Management | Real Estate Assistant | Indiana

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